Monday, April 11, 2011

Handsome Little Man

I am just so happy that at almost 2 years old…Maddox is still letting me take his picture and will actually smile in some of them!  To be honest…I think he loves to look at himself and he LOVES to watch himself on video.  Maybe he will always love the camera!


On Saturday…Chris went to Sam’s and we made this big investment….a new playset!!!


We started it on Saturday evening but a storm came up soon after we got started. On Sunday Chris was able to work on it for about 5 hours and this is the progress that was made.  Our sweet neighbors came over and helped out too!


Hopefully by next weekend….it will be completed and Maddox can start having some fun in the back yard!!!


Kimberley said...

maddox is darling!!!

we thought about buying one of those playsets too. i know it will take forever to put up! good luck! :)

Olga said...
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Olga said...

How fun!! I wish we had a play set for my girls!

Jocelyn McCarn said...

Does look like a lot of work! Maybe Brayden will be over there with Maddox and Ryder one day :)

amber said...

Maddox is precious!! Can't wait to see Ryder!