Monday, April 4, 2011

Catch Up Time!!

I have been a little slack keeping up with my blogging lately.  Mainly because I have been trying to be more productive on my days off  which in turn keeps me from picking up my camera as much….which then leads to less blogging!  No pics….no blog! (because I usually let the pics do the talking!)

Last Monday…..  My mom came over to bring Ryder’s bedding that she custom made. (Nursery sneak peek to come!)  My niece Tori was out of school on Monday and had spent Sunday night with my mom….so Maddox was excited to get a visit from Tori!!  When my Mom and Tori went to leave….Maddox sit down on her and wouldn’t let her get up…it was too funny!  So Tori just hung out with us the rest of the day!!  Maddox eats her up!!


Maddox just climbed on her lap and snuggled with her for at least an hour!  He was sleepy but that is still unlike him to do!!


They are watching Imagination Movers Concert!!


How precious!!! 


Saturday….I had most of the day to myself!!  Joy kept Maddox for me while I went and did some Baby Registering!!  I don’t need that much other than diapers but my sweet Sisters are giving me a shower on May 7th and I am looking so forward to it!  Laura made the invitations and they are absolutely adorable!!!!


I’m loving the special parking right now!!!


You can definitely see where Maddox gets his handsomeness from!!

Sunday was so BEAUTIFUL!!! We picked up some Bojangles after church and decided to eat outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather!!!


We ended our beautiful day by firing up the pit and making some smores!!!


Maddox just kept eating the Hershey’s chocolate.  He was sneaking it!!


I had that wonderful Glucose test this morning and so Maddox was with Papaw and Nana! They went out and had a big breakfast and then made a stop by the community fire department so Maddox could see the fire trucks up close and personal!!!  My mom took the pics with her phone! Priceless!

When we are on the road….Maddox always sees and points out “fi tuck”!!



Hope everyone is having a GREAT week!!!

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Olga said...

What great pics of the little one with tori. Sounds like a nice weekend. That is great... your sister is throwing you a baby shower! I didnt have one with Oceana =( but for sure I am having one for McKenzie!! I believe you should have one for each even if they are the same sex. I feel so bad not having pictures for Oceana to see of her having a baby shower =(