Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project List…lots of checks!!!

It has been a great and productive weekend!!  Chris and I have accomplished a lot in our 2 short days…we even had time for some fun with friends!!

One thing I love about having company other than enjoying the company is ….it makes me clean my house!!! Don’t get me wrong…I clean even when I don’t have company coming but it never seems to all get done at the same time…so It doesn’t have the same feel!  I love when my house is clean and organized…I just wish it would stay that way for more than a night!!  My good friends Keleigh and Andrea came over Saturday night and we enjoyed some House of Pizza, some good girl talk and playing with Baby E



Maddox and his future wife…we can already see this picture being in their slideshow at the rehearsal dinner!! ha!


Sorry, I know that was picture overload but I just couldn’t narrow down all the cuteness!!


Shep and Andrea!!


Chris snapped this pic before we were ready but it was the only one that had full belly shots!!


I love these beautiful girls!

Today….Chris put the final touches on the new play set!!!!  It turned out great and he did a fabulous job!!  Maddox and Ryder will have years of fun playing on this!!!

IMG_7937  IMG_7938IMG_7939IMG_7940

Another project completed today was painting the deck!!  Chris painted it about 3 years ago when we moved in but it was looking really bad…I  wish I had before pictures!!  It’s amazing what paint does!! 




Another blessed week!!!


Casey Martinez said...

No such thing as picture overload;0 The more the merrier! You look as beautiful as ever momma to be and boy what a cutie pie that little gal is!! Yes, she would make a great match for you Maddox! hehe. And serioulsy, why do they learn everything so fast/young! hahah too funny!

Olga said...

fun times with freinds and your little fam! The playground looks great! Your kiddos are going to have so much fun! The deck looks great too!