Monday, May 23, 2011

Maddox and his Buffalo Bills Adventure!

On Saturday, Chris and I took Maddox to a nearby animal park!  We have been wanting to take him to the big Zoo but the closest one is 2 hours away and time is just feeling crunched right now.  I think Buffalo Bills was a great alternative and Maddox loved seeing and feeding all the animals!!!


He seemed like such a big boy roaming around feeding all the animals!  We didn’t take a stroller and he walked the whole time….and we did a good bit of walking!


I love how he puts his hand in his pocket!!  Usually he likes to have money in it!IMG_8878IMG_8881

Isn’t the color of this bird beautiful!!


The giraffe was my favorite!! I think Maddox liked him a lot too!!


The poor camel was looking a little matted!


Maddox even got to play in a bounce house. He stayed in it for a total of probably 1 minute!!  I don’t think he was feeling it



Oh how I love these two!!!

It was a fun little adventure for all of us!!  It was so hot outside so I was completely zapped by the time we got back!!  I am just cherishing the time that I have with Maddox and our family of 3!!  I know that I will love having a family of 4 but it’s crazy to think….this is only our life for a few more weeks!!!


Kimberley said...

maddox is such a little stud in his sunglasses! so cute! that last picture is priceless!!!! love it!!

Morgan said...

I absolutely LOVE following your journey of mommyhood. You're family is just beautiful and Maddox is the cutest. Can't wait to see Ryder.

amywelborn said...

Maddox is so cute!

PS. My Cruz does that pocket thing too! Love it!