Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy Mudder Adventure

Saturday a week ago, I was doing my friend Jackie’s hair. She was telling me she was doing a mud run the following Saturday and that they needed another team member.  She said “hey…why don’t you do it with us” and I just laughed at her and said “yeah right”.  I am definitely not in the shape that these girls are.  Jackie has run a marathon and does like those super long bike rides.  Holly and Katie are also in tip top shape so I knew my post pregnancy body was no where near in shape enough to hang with these girls.  But, by the end of our hair session…I had signed myself up! ha!


Katie, Jackie, Me and Holly


Jackie wanted to do the run for her 40th birthday…she turned 40 the day before.  She does not look like 40, in any way, shape or form!  That is where are team name came from…TEAM 4.0!!


And we’re off!!


Climbing the mud wall!!



Laura came to watch me…that was so sweet of her!


Because the weather was very windy and cold…the course did not require us to submerge ourselves in mud…the only reason we are this muddy is b/c we put it on us on purpose!!


Laura looking fabulous!!


Maddox came out to cheer me on!!


Maddox wouldn’t get near me b/c I was dirty…he has issues with dirt on other people!  So I chased him.


Little stinker!

We had such a fun time…we finished in 37 minutes.  It was a breeze for my team mates and it wasn’t that hard for me but I am really sore today so I guess I used muscles I’m not use to using.  I definitely want to do some more fun things like this…it will keep me motivated to get in shape!!


Kimberley said...

oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun!! you did great!!!

Olga said...

how fun!!!

You go girl!!

Sarah said...

Good for you! I don't think I'd survive something like that, but it sure does look fun!