Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I think yesterday was one of the fastest days of my life…I feel like all the days are getting faster and faster.  I wake up..before I know it, it’s 12 and them its 8…not sure where all the hours go in between!

Anyway, we had a really fun Halloween!  Chris got off work early to take Maddox to the Sanger Clinic in Charlotte for another ultrasound on his heart murmur.  He checked out fine and shouldn’t have to go back for 3 more years..thank you Jesus!! 


Ryder was sporting his pre costume Halloween attire!!

And here is my……Teddy Bear!!!


Since we call Ryder “Ryder Bear” all the time…being a Bear was just what he had to be!!


And here is my…..Carolina Gamecock Football Player!!!




First stop…our neighbors…The Carlson’s!!


Next stop…Mawmaw Bessie Mae’s!!


That is some good trick or treating…a whole bag of Gummies!!!

Now on to Nana’s!!


Laura captured this picture and it is just too sweet!!!  They adore each other!!


Our attempt for a family  picture!!  The football player was trying to run off so he could go play some football!


Aunt La la..the Football player just can’t be still long enough for a pic!!


My beautiful Mommy!!


He finally sat down for a quick second!  I think at this point he had ate about 2 small packs of M&M’s….he was hyped up!!



Now we are at The Hallman’s!!!  Chris and I got to trick or treat here!! Joy ended up feeding us a yummy supper!  Quesadillas and refried bean dip!!


After all our bellys were full…we all  headed out to a nearby neighborhood and did some more trick or treating.  Maddox was hilarious…he tried to go into a few peoples houses so either me or Chris had to start walking him to the doors…he was too much of a handful for Caine!


One house we went to… a lady was handing out glow bracelets instead of candy…Maddox, being 2 and all…says “I want can cane” (candy).  I guess the time has come..I’m probably going to start getting a little bit embarrassed never knowing what could come out of his mouth!



Ryder was so cozy and warm in his car seat!



Such a fun night!  I think Maddox is officially a Trick or Treating fan now!


Kimberley said...

those are 2 precious boys in their costumes!! love the teddy bear!!! maddox looks like such a big boy!!! glad you had a fun night!!

the workaholic momma said...

oh my gosh - SO cute!!! The teddy bear costume is to die for:)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Anna & Kirby said...

The kids looked great in their costumes :)

Amy said...

how cute are your boys?!?! precious!! so glad the heart murmur turned out okay. i had one when i was little and i outgrew it. i had a few issues with my heart during pregnancy, but since maddox won't ever be pregnant, hopefully he won't have to worry about it anymore! :)