Friday, March 30, 2012

They Chased Butterflies!!

I am way way behind on blogging so I’m going to back up a few weeks and try to catch up.  My blog is our family scrapbook and I really don’t want to leave anything out!

March 14th me and the boys met Holly and Cross at the park!


Cross is 5 but he is so sweet with Maddox and they play well together!!


I have to tell a funny story that happened…I heard another Mom yell at her son when they were all on the playground.  She yelled “Don’t be calling him names, he is younger than you”.  When I heard her say that…I didn’t realize that Maddox was the only young kid playing…then I heard the little boy run up to his Mom and say, “but Mom…he told me his name is pickle head!”  I quickly jumped into their conversation and said “what did he say?”  the mom said “he said he told him his name is pickle head”…I just died laughing and told her not to fuss at him that her son was telling the truth!  Chris calls Maddox pickle head all the time so Maddox thinks that is part of his name!!!  I called Chris laughing and told him he is going to have to stop calling him that..he almost got a kid in trouble! Ha!


They caught lady bugs and chased butterflies.  Life is good.


Ryder grazed on grass.


How cute is Mr. Cross…

This was such an awesome day spent outside with my boys, my sister at heart Holly and her sweet Cross. 

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