Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve is probably my most favorite day of the year!!  There really is something magical about that day!!  My family comes over around 5 and we just have the best time until at least 11!!

The night began with the youngest of the family playing in the floor with the bear that tells the story of “The Night Before Christmas”.


Caine waiting to dig into our steaks and salad!!!



Uncle Kevin trying to win over little Ryder!!


We just stuffed our bellies!


I gave Caine a quick manual shooting class and he snapped these pics


We went to communion at Mawmaw’s church but when we got there…the lights were off.  Come to find out the pastor had gotten sick and had to cancel.  So we headed back and played a fun game!


I wrapped a gift up about 4-5 times and taped it a lot!!!  We stood in a circle and passed around a bowl with dice.  When we got the bowl, we had to roll the dice and if we got doubles we had to get in the middle of the circle, put on the santa hat, the tree skirt around our shoulders, the ornament necklace around our neck and put on a pair of Christmas Simpson boxers.  Then we had to put oven mitts on our hands and try an unwrap as much of the present as we could before someone else rolled doubles!!! It was so much FUN!!! We were all dying laughing!! It was great!!  Joy ended up winning!!  The picture above is Mawmaw and Ryder spectating.  Ryder wasn’t sure what to think about all the commotion!




I'm not so sure Tori could even see here!!


Present Time for the kiddos!!


Hey Jake!! Where’s Bucky??


Maddox is serious about his unwrapping!!


Kevin did you get something from Justice??


Mom got a coach purse and wallet from us daughters and grandkids!!


Joy getting ready to open her piece of pottery from me!!


I love the necklace I got for Laura!!


My precious Mawmaw!!


This family pic was taken at 11:00…I think it’s not to shabby considering how late and tired we all were!!  Next year we need to take the pics first thing!


Nathan and Laura


My People!!


Ladies…all the ladies!!




It’s tradition to do goofy pics!!


Mommy and Daddy


After everyone left…Maddox threw out the reindeer food!!


and….Santa came!!!!

I was so excited I could hardly sleep!!!

It was a great night!!

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Kelley said...

What a great Christmas!! Love the game idea!!