Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maddox’s Christmas Program!!

Yesterday Maddox had his Preschool Christmas Program!  All the kids wore their PJ’s!  Maddox chose to wear his Santa PJ’s and I would say they stood out! ha!

_MG_0438Ryder was a little ham trying to keep him entertained while we were waiting!  He is at the perfect age of not being still and not listening to us when we say be quiet!! But we made it thru!!_MG_0441

Here he comes!!



Daddy and his boys!!


Mommy and her boys!!! I was so proud of my Maddox!!


Refreshment time!!


One of his teachers Mrs. Crystal

This preschool year is flying by and all I can think is before I know it….it will be May and he will be finished and then it will be the 4 year old class and then Kindergarten….tear!  I just love all the ages and stages he has been in so all I can do is soak them up as they come. 

Great job Maddox…Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Speaking of proud..this little booger knows The Pledge of Allegiance!! I had no idea until I saw it on one of his papers his teachers sent home! I was very impressed!!  So I grabbed my phone to record it before he got out of the car!!


Kimberley said...

i had to giggle at those PJs!!! so so funny!!! yes, kindergarten will be around the corner for you, i know it all too well :(

he's a smart little booger for knowing the pledge of allegiance! yay maddox!!! and i must say, his little southern accent made me smile :)

Kimberley said...
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