Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life Thru the IPhone

Maddox and Ryder was all into watching a track hoe climbing rail cars on the ipad.

Cozy Christmas night

I'm cherishing these moments!

Santa and his little Elf!

My tree I decorated for the salon!

The dessert buffet at the women's conference I decorated. My trees wouldn't light up. The colors for the conference were pink, red, and green.

December 1st...Wolfie returned to our house from the North Pole!

Me my Mom Joy and the boys went to a pottery sale at Woodmill Winery....Santa was there!!

I took my Mawmaw on a date to Cracker Barrel and Hamricks on Monday morning...Ryder went to MMO and Maddox had preschool.

Love this look!

Monday night I went to a Christmas party with my former coworkers from Shear Options! I made these cute snowmen to take!

While I was getting ready...the boys played... Little menaces!!

We all bring pottery to exchange at the many beautiful pieces!!

On Tuesday...our week took a turn for the worse!! Ryder woke up throwing up and was sick all day.... Wednesday the whole family woke up sick!! It was bad!!! Bad! Bad!! By 4:00 Chris was so sick he couldn't move. My Mom came over to take him and Maddox to urgent care. Urgent Care was backed up so they went to the ER!! It gets Mom got sick and started throwing up too!! So I prayed that God would help me get over my sickness so I could take care of my family. He answered my prayer b/c by 8 I felt a lot better and was able to go relieve my Mom at the ER. They checked in at 5 and we didn't leave until 1:30 am!!!! What a night!

He was so tired and such a trooper!!!

Wolfie did a no no with the wipes!!

Mickey watching on Mommys lap!!

Tonight we rode around and looked at Christmas lights!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

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Kimberley said...

their pajamas are sooo cute!

the ER story is so scary!! goodness, how ironic your mom got sick too!! bless your hearts! i hope everyone is feeling better!