Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Bachelorette Weekend!

This past weekend I headed down to Myrtle Beach for a fun Bachelorette weekend for my good friend Emily.  We have been friends since 6th grade!!  She has so many special qualities that I treasure about her and our friendship.  I’m so happy for her and her upcoming wedding in May!  A perfect reason to have a girls trip to the beach to celebrate!!

I worked until 12, came home ate lunch, straightened up the house and packed because I had packed absolutely nothing, and was out the door before 2…whew.  So I relaxed the next 4 hours in the backseat of the minivan!!


We stayed at a very nice privately owned condo in the Anderson Ocean Club. We arrived a little after 6 and freshened up then walked several blocks to River City Café and I ate the best ribeye Sandwich!!  It was so good!!  Good thing we walked b/c I needed it after that sandwich!  When we got back to the hotel, we had Emily a surprise lingerie shower!


Our group and Emily's goodies!


My Emmie!!


Her getup for the next night.


Saturday was a fun day of shopping at the outlets!  Then we dressed up and headed to Broadway at the Beach!


We ended up eating at Margaritatville….searching for our lost shaker of salt!


Maid of honor…Sara! One of the funniest girls I know!


Adrienne….Emily’s soon to be sister-n-law.


Christy and Brooke


The guy on stilts made us some balloon hats since Emily was a Bachelorette and they told him it was my Birthday.  (It was my Birthday Eve)


Next stop….Crocodile Rocks!



We ended up getting called up on stage! Sara had requested  “I like Big Butts” so the piano guy made us dance to it!! It was too funny!  I’m so glad I can do stuff like that without a drop of alcohol.  My motto is “I will never see these people again, and my friends love me anyway, so I just act crazy!”



The blonde in the picture above that has the longer hair is actually on a new show on TLC called Myrtle Manor.  So glad we could entertain her! ha!



We forgot to get a picture of all of us before Adrienne left. 


The List….Emily had to do all sorts of funny things on a list we made her.  She was a good sport!


Sunday morning was my birthday and I was a little bummed b/c I wasn’t going to be at home with my boys for most of the day.  But the day really turned out quite nice…I slept in…walked to the lobby in my pj’s and got a Starbucks coffee, sit out on the balcony and drank it with a beautiful view of the ocean, facetimed my boys….ate a big breakfast (my favorite) and had 4 hours in the car to just chill.  I was home by 4:30 so I still had some good quality time with my loves!!  Chris had a balloon tied to the mail box when I got home, a birthday cake and the sweetest card ever. We picked up my favorite salad from House of Pizza and ate out on the patio at home since it was so nice outside.  And last but not least….we had an extra hour of daylight!!! One of my favorite days of the year!   It was a great Birthday!



Hollie said...

I can't wait for Emily's wedding in May!!! I'm so happy for here:)))

Hollie said...

her not

Cindi said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kimmie!! What an awesome weekend. Congrats to the bride-to-be. :)