Sunday, March 3, 2013

Joys in our Sorrow…February 2013

Even though February was such a blur…when I look back through my IPhone pics…I realize we did a lot of living.  I annoy myself sometimes with my habit of taking pictures of everything but it is moments like now when I am so thankful for them.  I was able to see all the joys that we have had even in a sorrowful month.  Isn’t that just like God…to always be blessing us even when we are going thru a storm.  He is always with us and working all things to our good!!

After our cruise…our month went like this…

We celebrated Cross’s 6th Birthday!!  He had a fun football party!!


Ryder has a hat fetish now and decided he likes them so much he wants to sleep with them on!!


This is how I found him one morning when I went to get him up.  He wouldn’t let me take it off when I put him in his bed and he woke up with it on!!


He also still loves putting on other peoples shoes!!  Here he is in my tennis shoes!!


I made these fun Valentines for MMO and Preschool!!  I love how they turned out!


Maddox had Pink Day at school the Wed before Valentines!  He sported his Pink shirt!!


Ryder playing with his Ukulele we brought home from Key West.


He hid under the high chair b/c he didn’t want his pic taken!!


We made a Valentines Cookie for Nana!!


My Valentines Day sweater that I’ve worn all Winter!

The 15th was the day Chris’s Dad passed.  We were planning the funeral on the 16th and while we were there, it began to snow.



Kings Mountain got several inches!


Ryder seeing snow for the first time.  He was at my sisters house so she captured these for me!!


So sweet!!


We now have a new night time routine and it involves the boys sitting in our bed eating cheese, drinking chocolate milk and watching Sid the Science Kid!!  Ryder loves that he is now old enough to get in on all the fun!


Ryder in another pair of my shoes!!


Maddox got to play in some of the snow that was left the next day!


Cousin Kadence laughing at Ryder being silly!!  Love that toddler sway back!!


Chris, his Mom and his Brother viewing his Dad.


I taught Maddox to play CandyLand!!  He Loves it!!


Ryder in another pair of Mommy's boots!!




Sleeping in another hat!


We joined Daddy last Saturday at the wrestling match at West Lincoln.


Maddox had a melt down at church b/c a man wanted to take his picture.  So Marco picked him up and he decided he wanted his pic taken with Marco.  From tears to smiles in less that 10 seconds!!


Ryder and I had some quality time together at his 18 month well visit.  I’m only 2 1/2 months behind getting him there!!


We actually had a semi warm sunny day this past Wed so we took advantage of it between school and nap time and stopped by the playground!


All boy  wanting to stomp in mud…good thing he had his rubber boots on!!


My heart melted as these two rode around the yard on the four wheeler.  It was also breaking thinking how are they possibly old enough to be doing this??

This sums up our February according to the IPhone!

This is Life….and Life is Good!!

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