Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby T is a Girl!!!

Tonight was Baby T’s Gender Reveal Party!!  I have been saying all along that Nathan and Laura were having a girl and I was RIGHT!!! And I’m so Happy about it!!  We need another baby girl in the family after my 2 boys! 

They had their party at the Farmer’s Fork in Mt Holly.  They opened it up for a private event.  We had a yummy soup, salad, and potato bar!

First off, we picked out our pins…a mustache or lips.  Of course I picked lips!!  Then we had to blow up balloons…after we blew them up they told us we had to put them in our shirts to be like Laura! Just for pictures! A pregnant belly is something I don’t miss!  But I do miss the feeling of a baby moving inside my belly!




Caine…I’m sure he loved doing this!!


MawMaw….would be a cute preggers great grandma!!




Jay Jay and Me….Joy wore the perfect color to disguise a prego belly!!


Ryder was representing for team girl too!!


And so was Maddox!


Taylor was just having a blast playing with all the balloons once they came out from underneath the shirts!


I love how the boys were all playing together!


The beautiful Mother to Be!!!! Pink it is!!!


The boys having a Monster Jam in the restaurant. 


One person had the special cupcake that told the gender…it was not ours…but the cupcakes were heavenly!!


Andrea will find out in a few weeks if Taylor will have a brother or sister!!  All these pregnancies….so much fun!!  I love this stage of life!!

I’m so excited for Laura and Nathan!  Now it’s time to start some serious planning for her!!!! Yay!!!


The Moon & Me said...

How fun! A sweet baby girl will be so fun to shop for. You are looking super thin lady...Share your secrets! : )

Sara Moon

Kimberley said...

the balloon pictures are hysterical! i even had to show kris the one of your mawmaw :) so funny!

estetik said...

lovely photograoh.
this is the fun to shop.