Friday, May 24, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013

Saturday we loaded up and headed to the beach for our annual trip to Oak Island.  We left a little later than usual b/c Maddox had a tee ball game at 8am…the second game of his tournament.  HIs team went on to play 9-10 more games that weekend b/c they kept winning…they ended up winning the championship out of 12 teams!  Go Braves!! We were so sad we were not there for all the games but being at the beach made it better.

The next 2-3 post are going to be beach picture overload! Just warning ya!

The boys were VERY Happy to be headed to the beach!!  I’m so thankful they are both such good little travelers.  It makes the 4-5 hour trip painless!


We arrived around 4…threw on our suits and headed to the sand!!


We took the pack and play with us but Ryder didn’t want to sleep in it.  He wanted to sleep with Mat Mat.  The first night was surprisingly very successful!  It was so sweet to see them cuddled up next to each other the next morning.IMG_6500

Day 2


Maddox fills Mawmaw’s lap up!! Precious!!


Let the sand adventures begin!!


Sand Box paradise!!


Covered in sand!


Nana building a sand castle….Ryder knocked it down as fast as she could build it.


How is he already about to be 4?_MG_3428_MG_3435_MG_3436

Nana took advantage of the Italian Ice buggy that was going down the beach and shared with the boys!


Maddox LOVES the water!!  He had so much fun playing in the waves!


This day ended with a delicious meal of country style steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, biscuits and green beans…made my Mawmaw!!!

And of course a midnight truffle blizzard from DQ!!!

Day 3

We woke up to pouring rain so we decided to head to North Myrtle to the outlets.  I fixed spaghetti and salad for supper that night!


Maddox comes up with some crazy faces these days!!!

……to be continued!!!

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