Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Emily’s Wedding Weekend


It was such a busy but super fun weekend!  One of my dearest friends since sixth grade got married!!! I was so honored to be such a part of her special day!!

The festivities were kicked off Friday at the Bridal Luncheon!!


Emily and Christy



Maids of honor

Friday night we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.




The food was soooo good!!! Emily and Brent got engaged at the beach so the décor was beach themed!  It was so pretty.

The boys got to spend the night with Aunt Jay Jay and Unc Kev and we met them at the ball field Saturday morning for Maddox’s tee ball game.  It was absolutely so cold!!  Not your typical NC May day!  Maddox is loving ball more and more and that makes his Daddy very happy!  I am so proud of him and how well he is doing!




After the ball game I rushed to the salon to do Emily’s hair! Then rushed home to fix mine.  I thought I was going to have lots of time but it I ended up having no time and had to do a 10 minute side ponytail style.


Brooke, Christy, and me


Emily was a stunning bride!  She looked so beautiful!!





My hot date for the wedding!  Chris shocked me and showed up at the wedding in a new suit!  He was looking oh so fine!!  I was so proud of him because he never buys himself anything….and he did really good picking out his tan suit and a paisley tie!  I LOVE that man!


The sparklers were so pretty as they were coming out!! Such a fun wedding!!  Congratulations Emily and Brent!!

Sunday was another busy day even though the wedding was over.  We went to church, and then

Sweet Hudson’s Birthday Party!  He turned 2 and celebrated with a Wiggles Party!! The boys had a blast!


I think it’s safe to say Maddox enjoyed his cupcake!!


We got him the track hoe and Taylor loved it!!  Too cute!!


Hudson is such a cutie pie….I can’t believe our babies are turning 2!!



Chris went to get gas for me since it was so cold and rainy….this little fellow knocked out in the car!!


And last but not least…the Mother/Daughter banquet at my Mom’s church!!

I loved getting to spend some time with my sweet niece Tori!!

What a busy/fun weekend but today I purposely made myself stay home catch up around the house and rest.  It was a no makeup and no hair fixed kinda day and I have loved it!!

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Rogers Family said...

Hi, Kimmie! First time commenter, but I've followed for a while. I'm not even sure how I came across your blog, maybe Kelly's Korner or Blue Eyed Bride?! Anyway, I followed because #1, I'm a former hair stylist, turned school system employee and #2, I love reading about your precious boys. I'm a boy mom, too! And, I we live relatively close by - I'm in Caldwell County. While reading today, I recognized the maid of honor wearing the coral in your post. She was the absolute sweetest, funniest, and best labor and delivery nurse ever!! Small world!