Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beach Vacation–Part 2

Tuesday we woke up to rain!!  But thankfully it cleared up by lunch time!  The boys played on the beach for a very short amount of time that day.  I have to be honest…it was a rough morning and afternoon for this Mommy.  I don’t know if the boys were just testing me extra hard or if I just had absolutely no patience that day….either way we got thru it and ended up having a great day.  Chris and my Dad had gone out on a boat fishing during that time….when he got home I started unloading on him how rough our day had been…and he just laughed at me.  It made me realize…it wasn’t that bad.   He just loved on me and wiped the chocolate midnight truffle blizzard from my face that I snuck out and got when the boys finally went to sleep! (since I’m not a drinker…I had to destress with chocolate!) I just love that hubby of mine!

So after saying all that…I wasn’t in the mood that day to take very many pictures.



We went out to eat that night and then went to Southport!!  I LOVE Southport.  I loved it even before Safe Haven was filmed there.


Here is the spot that the store that burned was.




Alex’s House

We also seen other areas like the ferry scene and the bar/restaurant  that she worked in.

We noticed a boardwalk that went way out over the marsh to the water and decided to stroll to the end of it.  It was a beautiful evening and the boys loved running around and climbing up on the benches.  Thankfully we were the only ones out there!! 


I am one blessed Mommy!!


We are starting to get silly!!


Ryder joining in!


This pic just makes me laugh!! Love this kid!!


Chris started playing photographer…so I started playing along!


Duck face!!


Kisses for Daddy!


And Hugs!!


And more hugs!!  My world!!



It looks like they are doing a runway show!!





View of Southport


View of the boardwalk!

Day 5

Fun day on the beach!!!


They love some equipment play!!!_MG_3663

I LOVE this pic.  This is life right now!!  Ryder is copying EVERYTHING Maddox does!  Most of the time it is really cute!  They are best buds!  It warms my heart to see them playing together (and not fussing)!


Hey guys….I’m coming!!!


Getting closer!


I’m here now!!!

Maddox reeling in a fish!


It’s a shark!!



He even held it!!


Our set up for the week.


The water pools were the only water Ryder would play in for 95% of the week.  He finally decided he liked the surf the last 30 mins of the last day.


Another shark!!  Ryder would NOT touch it and he did not like it near him!!


When inside…we played LOTS of games.  Maddox is loving playing games.  Candyland is his favorite.  He liked UNO Moo and Memory….which he kept beating me!

Chris and I got a date night this night.  We rode to Wilmington for a few hours and then back to Southport to eat dinner.  I am so thankful to my parents for keeping the boys so Chris and I can have our date night!  I love my little boys but I sure do LOVE getting to spend alone time with Chris!!


part 3….up next!


The Moon & Me said...

Love reading your sweet blog still! So glad you had a fabulous time.

Sarah Bolynn said...

I love that picture of the boys holding their shovels. So sweet!!