Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

On Wednesday Feb 12th…. it started to snow!

And our family could not have been more excited!_MG_9259

Maddox and Ryder was so excited….when it started they went running around in the back yard!….In a Superman costume of course!


Watching it from the window!


I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!


Mid day…we had enough to go sledding!!


The boys LOVED sledding!


I wish I could just bottle up Maddox’s excitement playing in the snow!  He giggled the whole time!!


Snow Angel!!!


My first snow angel….I honestly don’t ever remember doing one before!


Our traditional snow picture….I’m pretty sure this will be the last year Chris can throw him up in the air!

After we came in…it started sleeting and the 8-10 inches of snow they were calling for was starting to seem slim.  We were SO disappointed…we only had about 3 inches and the sleet was beating that down to nothing.

But on Thursday morning…I woke up to the most beautiful sight! Huge snowflakes pouring down outside my window.  I excitedly woke Chris up!  We are like kids when it comes to snow!  It snowed heavy for the next few hours and we ended up with our 10+ inches!!  My boys had never seen snow like this. 


I made liver mush casserole and blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast.  Mom and Dad came over and ate with us.  It was the perfect morning!!!




The view from my bedroom window!


Yummy Potato Soup for supper!


We set the bowl out to try and get some snow for snow cream!



Ryder is almost waste deep in snow!  He didn’t love walking in it!

That night we did some Super Fun sledding….my cousins have the longest driveway and it is a great hill.  The conditions have to be just right to sled on it and for the first time in 10 years….it was.  The boys LOVED it….it feels like a roller coaster ride…with a lot less control!  We had to bail out a few times to keep from going in the creek at the bottom!  Fun times!

Now that we have had our big snow…I have SPRING FEVER!!!! Hurry up Spring!!

Thank you God for this beautiful snow and the extra time it gave me to spend with my family!!

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Cindi said...

I feel the same way, Kimmie! One good romp in the snow, and then it's time to bring on the Spring! :)