Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Play Date at Discovery Place Kids!

Today we had a play date with Bonnie, Liam and Kali at Discovery Place Kids.  We stopped by a real fire dept on the way to visit Bonnies brother in law and so the kids could explore all the fire trucks and boat!_MG_9049

A quick lunch at Bojangles and then the next 3 hours the kids played and explored their little hearts out!

Bonnie at the fake café!


Chef/fireman Maddox


Milking a cow!


They loved the submarine!  I think Maddox felt like he was on Octanauts


Theater Play!


Hollaring at the cute girl in the mustang!!


Maddox dressing up like a doggy.


Racing Balls


Water Play


This section was another favorite.  They loved working on the car!


Kali looks like a pro!


Business man Ryder


At the airport!


Cute friends!


I think this is a glimpse into the future.  I will try not to blink!


Bonnie is such a sweet friend.  I always enjoy catching up with her!


Ryder’s favorite area was the water tables….I had to drag him away!IMG_9242

My cuties!!


They wore themselves out!!  We treated them to milk shakes at Mickey D’s!!

Fun times!! I love a good play date!!!

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Cindi said...!!! What a COOL place!!