Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

Thanks to all the snow….I got to spend most of the day with two of my Valentines!! 

Maddox was so excited about Valentines Day this year!  He knew that he was getting a surprise and that we were going to make a Valentine cookie.  When he woke up he said “Today is a Special Day” and then he told me he had something for me….and proceeded to give me a big ole kiss!!!  He sure has been a little sweetheart lately!


The boys opened their goody bags and then I made per Maddox’s request….chocolate chip pancakes!



Ryder was so cute….he said, “oh my goodness, Spider Man underwear” .  I love that he gets excited over little things like underwear.


I told the boys that they should make it their goal for the day to be super sweet to each other.  It wasn’t long after that I caught this sweet pic of them playing with their football guys.  They were getting along and playing so sweet!


I went into work after lunch for a few hours but before I left the boys made their big Valentine cookie!


and showed off their heart mask….that they loved b/c they turned into superhero's when they put them on!


Don’t laugh at the tie and how it’s tied….Daddy wasn’t home and Mama couldn’t figure out how to tie it! lol!


My First Valentine!!  I Love him so much!!  We exchanged cards before he went into work.  We were laughing b/c we both got each other a massage.  Great minds think alike!  Ignore the mountain of laundry behind him….that’s what happens when you play out in the snow for two days! 


Ryder consumed way too much chocolate….every time I turned around he was begging for another piece.


Kisses for Mommy when I got home from work! Two sweet Valentines!!! I’m so blessed to call them mine!!

I picked up House of Pizza for our Valentine dinner and we had a relaxing evening at home!!  Doesn’t get better than that!!


Hope everyone had a Super Sweet Valentines Day!!!

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Kimberley said...

sweet, special times!