Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's My Birthday!!!

Wow, I can not believe I am another year older!! It's crazy to think how fast the year has gone. I know I say that a lot but It really does FLY!!! Last year at this time my husband suprised me by inviting family and some close friends out to eat for my 3oth birthday. He took me to Olive Garden & there was about 20 people waiting there to suprise me & celebrate my birthday!! It was great! I was also about 6 month pregnant with Little Man. I can't believe he wasn't even here a year ago. I honestly can't remember life without him now. So anyway, today has been a great day!! The morning was my usual routine....Feed Maddox, Play with Maddox, Maddox naps & I clean up, and then the getting ready to go somewhere process begins!! So by 12:00 I feel like I move mountains at home! I decided for my birthday that I wanted to treat myself to a shampoo and blowout. Since I didn't want to feel like I was at work, I decided to go to Becky at William Henry to just get a new experience in a different salon atmosphere. It was so relaxing and she did a great job!!
Andrea offered up babysitting services and watched Maddox for me, and then suprised me by already taking care of the tab!!! Wow, I am so blessed to have friends who go out of there way to make me feel so special!!
My evening was finished off by dinner with Chris & Maddox at Outback!! YUMMY!!! Can you say cheese fries with extra ranch!!! Oh so good!!!! I had lots of Birthday Wishes from friends and family and I'm just feeling extra special right now!!! All the birthday excitement helps me to forget about turning a year older! One thing about it....Life keeps getting better!!
The neighbors Jordan and Breanna made me this sweet birthday card!
What are some of your special birthday memories?


andrew and amber grooms said...

happy birthday :)

my 25th birthday was pretty awesome...andrew surprised me by taking me to dinner with a group of our friends at the cheesecake factory (yummm), i had dinner with my family and andrews family, and my girls Bible study group gave me a little birthday party was nice to feel so loved by family and friends! and it made turning 25 a little easier :)

kimmie said...

Thnx for the Birthday Wish!! Cheesecake Factory sounds good!!! That just gave me an idea of where to eat on Sunday when my Mom and Sisters take me out to eat! Are you 26 now?