Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh My Aching Muscles!!!

Ok, so I really thought that hauling around a 27 lb. solid as a rock baby should somewhat keep me in shape!!! So wrong!!! Yesterday Chris & I got out in the backyard & played softball!! (Passing & Hitting) I think I may have over done it!! I can now barely pick up my 27 lb babe! Chris warned me that I was overdoing it but I kept saying, "just one more time". I should have been a good wife and listened! Ha!
The motivation behind the softball practice is .....Kim Gets To Play!!!! Yeah!!!! I am so excited!!!Our church is having a co-ed softball team & for the first time in my life I get to actually play & be apart of a sporting event. You see, this has not happened since I was in High School (which was many moons ago) so it's a really big deal to me. Also, in the past I have always had to work on the nights that the team would be practicing, but for once, they are practicing on a Monday Night!! Despite the fact I can barely move today, the practice with my Hub went well!! He taught me a lot!! He's a great coach!!! I have a lot to work on but I have a month before the show begins!!! (It could really be a show with me playing! Ha!)

Maddox was all over the living room floor tonight!! He's not crawling yet but he's getting really close!!! He even almost pulled himself up beside the couch!! I was laying there all into the Bachelor (Molly & Jason's Wedding) and was startled by two little hands grabbing the edge of the cushion beside of me. I looked over & there was Maddox trying to pull himself up to me!! Totally unexpected! That's just how quick babys start doing stuff. One day they can't the next day they can!! It's CRazy!!

Here is Maddox snackin on his puffs in the car as we wait for Daddy to come take over so Mommy can get her nails done!!!

So it has been a great Sunday & Monday and I'm lovin this warm weather!!! Flip Flops & no coat, love it!!!

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Laura Taylor said...

aww that sounds fun, I wish I could play!