Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Maddox is 9 months!!

Well, another month has done come and gone & what a difference a month
makes in the life of a baby!! Maddox had his 9 month well visit yesterday and he weighed in at 27.5 lbs and 31.5 in. long. He is 110% in height and 90% in weight. The Dr. said he is thriving and healthy!!! So Maddox, What are you up to now?

You are not crawling yet although tonight Daddy said you crawled about 5 ft backwards and then started going forward barely. So you are really close but just not quite there yet.

You have figured out how to scoot and roll across the living room to get the toy you want.

On March 13th I went to pick you up out of your crib and to my suprise you had learned to push yourself up. There you were sitting up pulling on your mobile!! It was funny walking into your nursery and seeing your head peeking above the crib bumper!

Your 8 teeth are almost completely in!

You said BIRD today at Nana's and Mommy & Daddy heard you say it when you got home!!

You are trying really hard to pull up on things.

You eat anything & everything we feed you!!

You still sleep all night long. We put you to bed between 9 and 10 and sleep until 8 am or later. I now have to wake you up to take you to Nana's.

You gave me a bunch of kisses tonight and it sure did make my heart melt!!

I know there is so much more that I am forgetting but I will add them in as I think of more!! My love for you keeps growing stronger everyday, I don't know how my heart can contain it all!!

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Laura Taylor said...

Mom said she thought he said "bear" the other day too! Cause he wanted Harley the Bear to eat breakfast with him!