Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Fun!!

I love the weekends!!!  There is just nothing like getting to spend time with Chris and Maddox doing whatever. Even on the Saturdays I work half the day, it is still so nice to have the rest of the evening with my guys!

Friday night, Chris went to football practice.  The neighbor kids Breanna and Jordan came over when I got home and we had a fun time playing!  Maddox just eats them up!

I had to post all the pictures  because I loved all of Maddox’s facial expressions!!  I wish I could always get him to smile for pictures that easy!


Maddox and Jordan

IMG_4398 IMG_4399 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4402

Maddox is getting sleepy!!! He is wanting to play with Jordan’s hair!! Sure sign!!

Saturday after work, I had about 2 hours before going to a wedding so I though what better to do with 2 hours on a hot Summer day than get in a pool!  Unfortunately my sister lives 20 min away so there was not enough time to go to her pool….so….we broke out the $25 inflatable lagoon from Wal-Mart.  I mean who needs an in ground pool when you’ve got an inflatable lagoon!! Ha!

Here are some shots of Maddox… I tried my hand at editing a few on the Adobe “Complicated” Photoshop!!

IMG_4406 copy  IMG_4413

The water was freezing….it felt like cold mountain water.  I guess you should fill the pool up and then give the water time to warm up before you get in!


IMG_4414 IMG_4416

I’m proud of the editing job in this pic!!

 IMG_4423 IMG_4428 IMG_4433

After our pool adventure…I rushed in the house…got ready all over again and them headed to the wedding.



My beautiful Sissy!



Taylor Made Music…La La and Nate….they did a great job singing during the wedding!!


Friends….Randall, Becky and Matt


My mom the caterer!! She does such an amazing job!!!

IMG_4452 IMG_4454 IMG_4457

Maddox thinks he gets special food privileges since his Nana is the caterer! Ha!



Chris and I ended up taking turns chasing him around the building.  (The wedding reception was in the gym at the YMCA…that is where the bride and groom worked and met!!  isn’t that neat)

IMG_4461 IMG_4470 IMG_4473 IMG_4474

My long lost friend Kelly….we were neighbors and good friends growing up and now i never get to see her!!  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding (almost 11 years ago!!)



Her husband Michael was the Ceremony Officiator.  This was the first time they had met Maddox!!


And finally, last but not least, the bride and groom.  Mr and Mrs. Link…Isn’t she beautiful….i can only take credit for her hair and makeup!! Ha!

Well, that wraps up Saturday!  Today has been another busy but fun day!  We went to church this morning, out to eat for lunch (we will not eat at the restaurant we ate at anytime soon again), I got to go shop for a few hours (will do a separate post on my bargains) and then Chris made me go with him to run at the HS track.  OMG….I thought I was going to die!!  Have I ever mentioned I HATE running!!  I don’t know why I would willingly put myself and my body thru that misery!!!  Can I say OUT OF SHAPE!!! Yes, that would be me 100%!  Chris was so sweet though…he told me I did really great considering I had not run in ages!!  I love Him!!  But, like the saying goes…”I have never heard anyone say, Man, I wish I wouldn’t have worked out today” …. exercise is one of those things I sometimes dread to do but once I’ve done it, I feel really really great!!!

Can you relate or have any advice on making it more enjoyable?

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