Monday, September 5, 2011

Beach Days–Part 3 Maddox’s Day!!

Wednesday, we decided to take Maddox out for a day with Mommy and Daddy!  We took the ferry over to Fort Fisher and went to the aquarium!

Ryder was looking so sweet before we left!


When we told him we were not taking him…this was his reaction!! ha!



Maddox trying to get woke up for his fun day!




Maddox wasn’t real sure about the ferry ride.  He would not let his Daddy put him down!!  I think it was all the loud noises._MG_4333

He wouldn’t even sit on my lap so that we could get a picture!  He wanted Daddy!!


The Aquarium



Lizard or not…if I saw this thing….I’d run!!


My favorite fish…Nemo, a bright yellow one and the polka dot and striped fish!


Chris lost his balance and fell in the floor!!



When we got back to the port to take the ferry back to Southport,  we had to wait a while before we could board.  We had the windows down enjoying the beautiful weather!  I decided to throw a piece of bread out the window to feed the seagulls!  The next thing you know we are swarmed by every sea gull around! So we fed them the rest of Maddox’s leftover McDonald’s Happy Meal!!  Maddox loved it!!

Here goes our attempt at trying to get a family pic!!!










Maddox did so much better on the ferry ride back to Southport!  It’s funny how at this age, he always has to warm up to things before he starts enjoying!

We had a fabulous time with our little Maddox!

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