Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Lens Love!

Here are some pics from the past week that I took with my new 50 mm lens.  I love it for the most  part…I haven’t got use to the fact that It doesn’t zoom in and out  but once I figure out where I need to stand to shoot  I love the look this lens gives my pics.


I took my camera to work last week…I need to start a portfolio of hairstyles and color that I do.  Even though I had my camera, I didn’t use it much….here is Sydni…she just started first grade…isn’t she cute!!


The back of Sydni’s hair!_MG_5112

I love me some McD’s Iced coffee’s….sugar free vanilla with extra cream please!!



Saturday evening, we went to my cousin Chad’s 40th birthday party.  His wife rented a photo booth and it was so much fun…they had all these fun props you could put on for the pictures….FUN!! 


My cousin Johnny and his wife Crystal


I know this pic is overexposed but I love it anyway!!


My cousin Tiffany and her son Harrison


Maddox, Laura and Harrison…unfortunately I didn’t even get a pic of the birthday boy.

Ryder after church


How cute are these little shoes!! I found them at a church consignment sale back in the spring…love me a good find!!


I didn’t plan it but me and Maddox were matching for church Sunday in our grey shirts!


That’s a lot of handsome!!!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!!!  I’m off tomorrow and will be with my boys!!!! LOVE!!


Olga said...

Great pictures! I love the little girl's hair, great job!

You look beautiful!

amywelborn said...

Great pictures! I need a new lens, mine stinks! Okay....Maddox is such a little clone of your hubby!!!;)

Casey Martinez said...

YEAH for a new lens!! The pictures look fantastic!! Your boys are both growing up quickly on this blog! Hope you are doing well momma!

Laura Taylor said...

love the new lens pics! Where did you get it? I've been wanting to get one too!

Summer said...

Cute pictures of your boys! The last one you can tell Maddox is just a mini me of Chris. I always tell Matt he is a gene hog b/c both our boys look so much like him, haha!