Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beach Days–Date Night and Family Pics

This is the last beach post and I think I will have the vacation covered.

Maddox didn’t want to put on his swim trunks on Thursday so I let him go to the beach in his regular clothes.  He ended up in the water with his clothes on and was finally enjoying jumping the waves!


Daddy fishing!!


Daddy caught a fish!!


After our pictures…Chris and I had a date night!!  We went to Southport to Provision Company and ate…this was our view in the open air seating!!


This picture looks like the SC state emblem with the palm tree and moon!


Friday we drove to the point and Maddox enjoyed wading thru the water!




We had such a fun vacation,lots of sweet memories were made!


Kimberley said...

i love family beach pictures! yours are great!!

p.s. thank you for praying for talbey!!

Laura Taylor said...

your pics are looking better and better! :) Good job sissy!

Olga said...

how fun! Love the pictures!