Monday, September 5, 2011

Beach Days–Part 2

I wanted so badly to blog my vacation while I was on vacation so that I could remember what we did each day.  Unfortunately…that did not happen.  So now I need to try to remember last week…I will do my best!  Monday and Tuesday were beach days!  We would go out about 10 and stay on the beach until 12-1….come in and eat lunch and then the boys would go down for a nap and me and my Mama would go back out to the beach for a couple more hours.  She would read a book and I read magazines and worked Sudoku puzzles.  (I know… I’m a nerd!!)




I love the view at the top of the sand dune!!


Ahhhh… perfect!!


This was our oasis for the week!  Can you believe we set our tent up on Sunday morning and we did not take it down until the next Saturday evening!!  We also left our chairs and sand toys there.  Nobody stole them or our tent!!  Wow!!  In this day and time that is a miracle!!


It’s hard to believe that next year at the beach….Ryder will be running around!


Chris and My Daddy would get up early every morning and go fishing!!  They had a lot of luck Tuesday evening fishing on the pier.  My Dad caught a 6.4 lb Sheep head…and apparently that is a pretty big one!  They took his picture and said he was going in the paper!! Yay Daddy!!  Chris caught a few too!!


Me, Mama and Maddox went out to the pier to visit them!


This is special father/son moment….Chris teaching Maddox to fish!!


If there is One thing anyone should know about my Daddy…it is that he LOVES hunting and fishing!!  I LOVE My Daddy!!


The lighthouse is at Caswell Beach.  If you look to the right you can see Bald Head Island….you can only get there by a ferry and no cars allowed !!  That is where Kate Gosselin took all her kids on vacation last year and they filmed some shows.  (yes…I watch Kate plus 8…but only b/c I’m intrigued by how ridiculous she is!)


Meanwhile back at the house…little Ryder was getting extremely spoiled by my Mawmaw!!


He is almost ready to start sitting in his Bumbo…his head is still a little wobbly but he can do it for a short amount of time.


Tuesday night we had a girls night out!!  Me, Mawmaw and Mama went and saw The Help!!   The movie was really good!!!  I had not read the book so there was no disappointment from me!!

Mama wanted a picture with the gnome showing that he went to the movie.  I told her the best place to take the picture would be in front of the poster that advertises the movie.  It wasn’t hanging outside so I thought it would be inside.  Mama was too embarrassed to just carry it in so I stuck it in my purse and his head was sticking out.  I sit my purse on the counter to pay for our tickets and the girl working there said “that’s an interesting thing to have in your purse”….I said “ yeah…there is a story behind it” and she said…”I figured” as she gave us a crazy look!  There was no poster inside either so we had to snap one outside.

I’m pretty sure we ate Dairy Queen both nights! Yum!  I’m having withdrawals!!


Anna & Kirby said...

Your pictures are great!
I can't believe your stuff didn't get taken... that would never happen in North Myrtle!
Have a good week!

michelle ellis said...

How fun!!! Love your pictures!!!