Saturday, January 14, 2012

Backing Up A Month!!


On December 18th, I was blessed to get together with some special friends.  Every year at Christmas there are about 6 of us High School friends who get together.  It is such a special tradition that we have been doing every since we were in HS and I hope we can always continue it! 217

Emily and Jennifer


Me, Krista and Annie

We always bring gifts and play dirty santa…we have so much fun stealing from each other!  All the gifts are always so good so nobody is ever stuck with a bad gift!


I loved this big canvas beach bag!!


The gift I brought…A lunch bag and jewelry organizer.  I went back to TJ Maxx and bought myself one of those jewelry organizers for my earrings and it is fabulous!!


I got a 30 minute massage….oh yeah!!!


There was only 5 of us this year.  We missed our friend Brooke!

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