Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ryder is 7 Months!!

Oh my goodness, we are already over the half way mark to the big ONE!  I just don’t even want to think about it!!

Ryder you are sooooooo sweet!!!  You have taken on big personality in the past month and started doing so many new things!!


At your dr appt 2 weeks ago….you weighed 19.6 lbs!!!  You have bumped on up to the 75 percentile!  You still have a ways to go before you catch Maddox…he weighed 24 lbs at 6 months.


The biggest thing you have started this month is the army crawl.  You are all over the place!!!  You see something you want and you get to it!  (as long as Maddox doesn’t get to it first and take it away)


You are wearing 6-12 month clothes.  9 month and 12 month fit you the best.  You are in a size 3 shoe and size 3 diaper!


You are starting to eat very good!!  You have cereal for breakfast, and you are eating mixed vegetables, green beans, squash, sweet potatos, macaroni and cheese for lunch and supper along with some fruits!  You are still taking a 7 oz bottle 4-5 times a day.



I love hearing you jabber…it is so sweet.  You are saying dadadadad….but I know you don’t know what your saying. ha!


You still don’t have any teeth.  We feel your gums everyday just waiting to feel one pop thru but not yet.  You chew on everything and slobber like crazy!!


I love this look on your face!! ha!


You adore your big brother and have to always know where he is and what he is doing.  You are trying so hard to be able to keep up with him!  He loves you too!!  Today he was down in the floor talking to you and he said “you my buddy Ryder Bear”…it made my heart melt b/c that is my prayer.  That you and Maddox will be best of friends!!


I think you are a Mommys Boy and I LOVE IT!!


Bath Time!!


Ryder bear, you are just so sweet!  We love you more than words can say or in the words of Maddox….”to the moon and back home”!  Precious!!

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Kimberley said...

oh i just want to squeeze him!! love that gummy smile!!! sweet boy!!