Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nassau Bahamas…Day 3

Day 3 of the cruise we ported in Nassau.  I have been there several times on past cruises but still always enjoy seeing it.  We didn’t do a ship excursion and decided to just do our own thing once we got off.  We ended up getting a van with a tour guide that took us around the island and gave us lots of info on Bahamian life.  It’s so interesting to me to see how other countries live.


This is the Disney ship that was parked beside us…it was HUGE!!  I thought it was too cool that it had this waterslide that goes over the side of the ship!!



I think this boat made a pretty picture.


This was one of our stops on our tour.  We went to a fort and they had a few shops.


This was the front of the van we were in.  If you have a dent…just put wrapping paper on it!!! ha!!  The way those people drive…the whole van should probably be covered in wrapping paper…crazy!!



You could tell we were all missing our kids…when we would pass by preschools and schools with kids playing….we were all like…”oh…look at those kids!!”


I cannot get over how tiny our ship looks next to the other ships.  Our ship was HUGE if that tells you how big those other ships are!!!


Our driver even stopped for us to have a photo op!!



Me and Keleigh acting up…excited to be taking in this beautiful view!!


These girls were so much fun!!


Our tour guide told us to be true Bahamians we had to eat raw conch!!!  This was a pile of conch shells with the conch still in it.


This is a 76 year old man our guide called “Daddy”.  He showed us how the conch is removed and cut it up for us to try.


Kim looks like she’s not so sure about it in this picture…but we all ended up trying it!


It was actually really good…I ate 3 pieces!!


Even Keleigh tried it!!


Next stop….the Atlantis!!!


There is the “Micheal Jackson Suite” that cost 25,000 a night with a 4 night minimum!!  Our guide said it is booked for the next 5 years!!!  That  is just crazy!! Some people have more money than they have sense!!!


This work of art in front of the Atlantis cost 7 million!!


This chair cost 1 million!!


Brennan showing our tour guide some love!! She was so nice!!


Now back to the ship for dinner time!!!


This is a man we named “Johnny Cash”, we are very sure that he wants to be him.  He hogged karaoke and usually sang a Johnny Cash song…then after karaoke was over he went out to the live band and asked the girl singing (whom the ship pays) if he can sing….then he told to band how to play it and started singing Johnny Be Good!!!  Too funny!!  She let him sing a song or two but we were a little annoyed when he took over so I snapped this picture and we went to bed!!

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Casey Martinez said...

Your pictures are fantastic!! What great captures of all the fun you had. I felt like I was there or maybe I was feeling like I really need to book a get away with my hubby but, nonetheless I loved the post! You look amazing!