Monday, February 6, 2012

Bahama Cruise–Last Day!!

Finally….I am finishing up my cruise posts!!  It has only taken me a week and a half!! The last day we were at sea all day!  Chris and I slept in really late…so late that we almost missed breakfast.  Thankfully, the ship has a late risers breakfast that they serve until 12…the only drawback is that I missed out on my custom omelet!!  After breakfast, I laid in the sun (with my sunblock on) and started reading Chris’s Tim Tebow Book…which I enjoyed.  Who knows if I will get to finish it, I can’t find much time for reading these days!


We went to a show before dinner!!


Our last night at dinner.  I sure miss those big ol meals!!


By this point…we are all about over getting our pictures taken!!


especially the boys!!


Our waiter Harry!


The last night we had some good laughs!! I got talked into doing karaoke and singing “Ice Ice Baby”  I agreed to do it under one circumstance and that was that I had to have back up dancers…so Keleigh and Heather agreed to do it with me!!  It was too funny!!  I was out of breath about 3/4 thru the song…that is a LONG song!!  Luckily we were the last ones to perform so it wasn’t to crowded in the room…thank goodness!!

I have tried to figure out how to post the video of it but I can’t.  Can anyone give me advice on putting videos into my blog.  When I try…it takes hours to load…and then I give up!

This sums up our cruise!! It was so much fun!!!  By the way…we went on this cruise for $229 a person!!!  You just can’t beat that!!  I found my cruise  here! We have used them for most of our cruises and they are great to go thru!!


The Broome's said...

Kim, looks like you guys had a blast! Were suppose to be going cruizing this year! I have found that uploading my video to YouTube works better. Sometime I think blogger gets confused and times itself out. Maybe you can try this.

Casey Martinez said...

Sounds like you all had such a blast!! I get way to sick to ever even think about doing a cruise but, I am dying to do a friends vacation to MExico or something like that:). Y'all are all tan and good looking after that cruise! heheh.