Saturday, February 18, 2012

Play Date and Valentine’s Day!!

Last Monday, Andrea and Taylor stopped by for a little visit.  I was so excited for these little buddies to get to see each other…they are growing up too fast!!


They are just precious!!!


We made some Valentine cookies for our family!!


Tuesday I had to work so we celebrated Valentines when I got home.  The boys got balloons, cards, Maddox a movie and Ryder a book!  We kept it real simple.  Maddox brought home a big bag full of candy from preschool so the last thing we needed to get them was candy.


Chris reading Maddox his card, how sweet! 

It was a great couple hours we had getting to celebrate with them!


Casey Martinez said...

aw, looks like a fun little play date! I love when kiddos get to get together with their baby friends:)! Yummy V-Day cake!

Kimberley said...

such handsome little boys, love their shirts! can't believe how big they both are getting!!