Monday, February 20, 2012

Ryder is 8 Months!! Maddox is 2.8!!

On February 16th, Ryder turned 8 months.  His first year is already 2/3 over.  I can’t believe it!!

So Ryder, what are you up to??



Poor thing, you have a cough and a little cold right now so your little nose is like a water hose and just pours.  It hasn’t slowed you down though.  You are still happy and on the go!!


I’m not sure how much you weigh..I would guess around 21 lbs.  You are in 6-12 month, and some 12 month clothes.  Size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes.


We lowered your crib last week and I wanted to cry.  It’s just not the same.  Ultimately, I want you to be safe.  When I would go into your room to get you in the mornings, you would be propped up on your crib bumper and when you seen me, you would reach up and grab the rail of the crib.  Scary. 

You army crawl around the house…everywhere.  You are getting fast at it too.  You can now go from your tummy to sitting up and you are pulling up on things to your knees, but not to your feet.  Please don’t do that for a while! You are also getting up on your knees like you are ready to crawl on your knees but not yet.


You are still so VERY SWEET!!

You take 2 naps a day.  Usually an hour nap around 9-10 am and then almost a 2 hour nap at 2.


You still don’t have any teeth…??? 


You recently have started eating Puffs…you gaged on the first couple but then you got the hang of it.


You love to jump in your doorway jumper and we recently got you a walker that you will sit in contently for a while.  You go backwards in it but not forward.


Aunt La La captured some cute pics of Maddox today with a chocolate mustache!! 

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on Maddox so I wanted to record some of his milestones.

You weigh 42 lbs and in a size 6 diaper.  I hope you get fully potty trained soon b/c that’s as big as they come and you fill them up!!  You are in 4t clothes and some of them are starting to get too small for you!  You where a size 9 shoe.

In the past month or so, we have been working on potty training. To sum it up,you do good when we do good.  It is hard to remember to take you to the potty every hour.  You use it when we take you but you are not to the point that you tell us when you need to go.  You have never done a #2 in the potty.


Maddox, you are so smart!  You are talking great!  You struggle to say some letters like S but I know you can make the sound, you just haven’t started making it in words yet.


Aunt LaLa, Uncle Nate Nate and Caine taught you to say “Go DUKE” and you say it a lot!!  Mommy and Daddy do not like that phrase at all and we will give you a look when you say it.  We are Tar heel Fans and SC Gamecock fans…NOT DUKE!  You know it pushes a button with us and you think it is funny!  Little stinker!


You absolutely LOVE your little brother…(I am going to do a post on that soon.) You like to love on him but you also like to take everything he touches away from him.

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