Monday, February 27, 2012

Maddox Memories and Feathers

Maddox has been saying the cutest stuff lately and when he does…I think..I need to remember that so I can write it down.  Well as Mommy brain goes…of course I forget what it was an hour later!  So I need to do better about writing them down right then.  How do all of you do it?

Here are a few that I can think of right now

  • When I tell him I love him he says “to the moon and back home”
  • yesterday he said “Ryder pretty Mommy” I said “you are pretty too”….he said. “I Not pretty…I COOL” bahhahhah! It was so funny and we have never told him to say that!  Where do they learn??
  • Me..”Maddox what do you want to eat?” Maddox…ummm, Cheeburger…ummmm…fren fries…..ummmm chicken nugget…all dat stuff.
  • He loves to sing songs lately and one of my personal favorites is You Are My Sunshine. 
  • When he gets in trouble he starts saying “my back hurt”…I guess he thinks that will get him out of trouble.
  • He is Ryder’s spit up monitor…I never have to worry about Ryder spitting up and me not knowing it.  Maddox hollers “he pit up”!
  • He says “Ryder…you my buddy”…too sweet!
  • He gets more excited than we do when Ryder does something new….”He did it Mommy….He did it Daddy! Ryder it up by himelf!”…can you tell he is not quite got his “s” sound down?
  • When he eats chocolate or candy he says “I like make me feel better”.  ha!  It makes me feel better too! ha!


I love this sweet moment I captured…melts my heart!!



Oh that lip!!!

Totally 2 random topics here but how many of you got a feather last year???  Wow.. that trend was like a flash of lightning!  Which leaves me with this….a bunch of feathers.  These things were not cheap to invest in but being a hairstylist I knew I needed to offer the latest trend.  Laura is going to put them on eBay for me and hopefully I will recover some of my investment!! I might consult a financial advisor before I invest in the next big trend to make sure it’s worth it.   Just sayin!!


Hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend!!!  May this week be full of great times and blessings!!

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Kimberley said...

isn't it so funny what they say?!?! cute post!! and great pictures!!