Monday, April 2, 2012

St Patrick’s Day!! (a little late)

Let’s back up some more here!!! All the way back to St. Patricks Day!!  March 17th..yep…told you I was really behind in blogging!!

I have absolutely LOVED the weather we have had this March!! It has been so WARM!!!  I just love warmer weather…It makes me happier!!  To be able to walk out the door in flip flops and no coat puts a smile on my face!! (even though I’m in a mad rush running late all the time!)

I think I worked half a day on St Patty’s day and then when I got home…we played outside in our green!!


The boys love to swing!!


Don’t laugh at my outfit!! It’s not for real…I threw on a pair of lounging pants to go outside but didn’t change my top!


That evening we went out to eat for Chase and David’s Birthday!!  Keleigh made them the cutest baseball glove cakes…one with an A for Atlanta and won with a B for Boston Red Sox!


I Adore!!


Sweet little Harrison introduced Maddox to Angry Birds on the IPad…it kept him entertained for a long time!!


Bobby and his grandson Lane!!


Melissa loving on Ryder Bear!!


What?? Do I have something in my teeth??


Um…Keleigh…you have something in your teeth!


Elynd was cracking me up…she can do the wobble way better than most adults!!!



This was a great Saturday in March that will stand out in my memories of March 2012!!

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