Monday, September 17, 2012

Oak Island Beach Vacation–Part 1

What a fun week we had!! It flew by!! I have a ton of pics so get ready for the next few posts to be beach pic overload!!!

We left last Sunday morning and came back yesterday!  My family tricked me and told me we were leaving at 7:30 am when everyone else was told 8 am!! Does that tell you anything?? Yes, I am ALWAYS late!! and I really hate it but I just can’t seem to change it!!

We took advantage of the Fall rates and stayed oceanfront this year!! It’s the way to go!!  There is nothing like waking up to that view every morning and not to mention the convenience with the kiddos!!  We were only about 7 or 8 houses away from being at the Point of Oak Island.  It was beautiful!

My Mom, Dad, MawMaw, La La, and Nate went with us.  The boys LOVED having family with them all week!! They were getting spoiled!!

We couldn’t get in our house until after 3 so we only had half a day on Sunday.  It was our get settled in day!!

I’m going to let the pics do most of the talking….


Love this picture of Maddox and Aunt LaLa!!


Digging for sand fleas…ugghhhh!


Our view!

Maddox LOVES the beach!! He has finally warmed up to everything it has to offer!! Ryder….not so much!!

More to come!!!


Nicole said...

Such cute pictures. It looks like you had the beach all to yourselves! How nice.

Kimberley said...

great pictures!! so fun!!!