Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oak Island Vacation Part 2

So Mommy brain has taken over and I can barely remember yesterday, much less what we did a week and a half ago.  Blogging only works for me when I blog about events that are fresh on my mind!! But I do know we were at the beach having a wonderful time.  So glad I took pics so I can recollect a few moments!!




Ryder always tried to pull the seashells out of the basket and try to eat them like a cookie!!


Naked boy going up the stairs!!



My Little Surfer Boy!!



Sandy face!


A Little Digger!!


Maddox staring Ryder down waiting for him to lay the shovel down so he could snatch it the second he lets go of it!!


Such a sweet Papaw and Ryder moment!! Giddy up a horsey!!


Maddox in his construction world!!


The Great Nate and LaLa!!


Mama cooked us up the best beach breakfast every morning!!


Mawmaw is 87 and walked down to the beach one morning to play ball with Maddox!! Sweet Times!!  Love her!


Papaw Tom!! Best Papaw and Daddy a family could ask for!!


One handsome cook in the kitchen!!  Chris tore it up that evening with his Low Country Boil (Steam Pot) Supper!!


My minimal makeup beach look!! I loved not having to get ready everyday!

As you can see, the first half of our week consisted of nothing but the beach with the exception of the men and La La going fishing on the boat 2 of the days!!  That is one thing I love about OI, there is nothing there to do so you don’t feel like you should be doing anything but relaxing and enjoying the beautiful beach!! 

Next up…Ferry to Fort Fisher and Aquarium

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