Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ryder’s First Mother’s Morning Out

Last Wednesday, Ryder went to MMO for the first time!! It was so convenient b/c I was dropping Maddox off for preschool…so I decided to let Ryder stay in MMO.  This Mommy had a lot of errands to run…including a much needed pedicure!!  I couldn’t believe all that I got done in that 3 hours!! Met a friend for breakfast, pedicure, shellac on the nails, Wal-Mart, pick up Rx, and PO!!! Wow!!  Usually Wal-Mart alone would take me 3 hours!!  Not really, but close!

He did great! He was a little unsure when his teacher took him from me…he had a death grip on my arm and his legs squeezed around my body as tight as they would go but no major melt down!! Yay!! 

I didn’t get any pictures before I left b/c I was in a mad crazy dash to get out of the house running extremely a little late.  So I snapped some when we got home, hence the dirty clothes.


R loves wearing his tennis shoes!!


I wanted so badly a pic of the boys together…but I didn’t have any luck!! This is the best I got!!


Maddox is getting to where he will pose for pictures.  I just tell him to smile pretty and he can look at it later.  He loves to look at pictures and videos of himself.  It is his night time hobby!!



Nicole said...

Awww! What cuties. I'm glad to hear you got some alone time for your errands. It's so important for moms to do this! Keep going back and your baby will get use to his "free" time :)

All That Glitters said...

I love your boys! They're so cute!!