Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Catching Up!!

October was such a busy but fun month…hence my lack of blogging.  Since this blog is my family scrapbook, I want to make sure I try to post ALL the fun highlights of our life!!!

On October 13th, we went to Harrison’s 5th birthday party!!  It was at a super fun place.  It was a mega mega play set, like 100x the one in Chic Fil A!! Both the boys had a blast!!


I see that cute smile Brayden!!!


Ryder loved the balloons!!!


And Maddox did too!!


I have 3 kiddos on my lap!


This is the play thingy!


Elynd is so strong to be so little…she could hold herself on those bars like it was nothing!!  Neither of my boys could do it!


Giving Daddy some loving!!

After the party, I crossed the street over to Cracker Barrel and met my sweet friends.  Holly, Jackie and Katie!!  We ate and then crossed the street again to SCAROWINDS!!!  We had such a fun time.  That was the first time I had ever been!!



Monday after I got Maddox out of preschool, we went to Chuck E Cheese.  Believe it or not, this was the boys first experience their.  We met Bryant and him Mommy for a play date.  Bryant was Maddox’s buddy last year in preschool but moved to a new school this year.  Maddox misses him and still talks about him all the time so we got them together.



I love how Maddox looks so excited to be with his Buddy!!



October 20th after Maddox’s ballgame…we headed to the mountains for a day trip to see the leaves!!  We stopped at a park to let the kids burn off some energy!!


A little boy at the park has a wooly worm!


Ryder was not a happy camper at first.  Maddox wouldn’t share and then he face planted into the mulch! Bless!!


Ryder checking out the wooly worms!!



The little boy in the picture…Zack… was a local and took up with the boys!! He loved pushing them in the swing and was making Maddox laugh so hard.  Zack kept saying, “I love hearing him laugh, he has the best laugh!” I thought that was so sweet!!


This was the reaction when I asked the boys for a picture with me!!


And this was after some bribing!!


Ryder Bear sitting on a Bear!!


Love him!!!


Valle Crucis


Sunday October 21st…Mommy went to the Charlotte Hair Show!!!


One night during this month we had a skeleton pajama party!!!



Monday, October 22, the boys painted pumpkins!!!


Ryder really just wasn’t feeling it!!


But Maddox picked up the paint brush and started painting like it was his job!!


In deep thought! Concentrating on his next paint stroke!


Ryder says…bump this…I’m going to drink my milk!!!


And Maddox paints on!!!


Ryder says…I’d rather pose for pictures than paint a pumpkin!!!


The masterpieces!!

This catches me up a little..I will sleep better! ha!

I really never won’t to forget these precious memories we are making!!

Thank you God for all your many blessings!!


Those mums are now dying and the pumpkins are soon to be chunked….Christmas decorations will be making there way out soon!!!


I'm Cindi... said...

What a great month, Kimmie!! Thanks for sharing all your memories. They are definitely priceless. :)

All That Glitters said...

omgoodness! Your babies are growing up so fast!!! They're so precious!!