Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was the best!!!   I am just so thankful and beyond blessed for all God has given me.  My family, friends, health, job, home…the list goes on and on!!  I can never thank him enough!  For every good and perfect gift is from above!! 


This time last year I was just getting over a health scare!!  At that time my perspective on life changed and will never be the same…and for that…I am thankful.  I am living my days differently.  I would have said before my stroke that I never took a day for granted but I know  now more than ever how special each and every moment is we have here on this earth.  Life is short and time is passing by so quickly.  I am learning more everyday how to savor and live life in the moment!  Life is precious!!

Ok..I could do a whole separate post on those thoughts…..

But not in this one.

So Thanksgiving Day we eat lunch at my Dad’s Aunts house with his side of the family!  They have some beautiful land so we took advantage of it for a photo op!!



That lip!!!


Mawmaw and Ryder…I didn’t catch the pic until he was trying to get down..but it was a sweet moment!


When we got home, Chris and I got all the Christmas décor down from the attic and I went to work decorating!!  I decorated that evening and then the whole next day but am happy to say I’M DONE!! Usually I drag it out for a week or two.  Now we have plenty of time to enjoy it!!


Maddox was so much fun…he tried to help me decorate the tree!! He was all into it.

Ryder is pulling ornaments every time he walks by it!! The bottom of the tree is probably going to be all jacked up before long but…it’s not a big deal…it’s memories and I love them!!

I saw a tweet today that said “thankfulness begins where entitlement ends”….so true!! We have so much to be thankful for!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


I'm Cindi... said... this, Kimmie! I'm so glad you and your fam had a great day, and I simply LOVE ALL of the photos and's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Kimberley said...

i had to giggle at all of y'all on the tractor, hehe :) so fun!!

and yes, that lip!!! :)

your tree is gorgeous!! your house looks so warm and inviting!!! love all the decor!!