Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween 2012

The week of Halloween was a crazy one!!!  The Sunday before Halloween we started moving all our furniture out of our downstairs and ripped up all our floors in preparation to have hardwoods installed.  So my precious sister Joy and her family welcomed us in to their house for a couple days!!  One of those days was Halloween so it was a little chaotic being moved out of our house with so many events that day going on.


My Dog and Dog Catcher!!!

It all started with Maddox’s preschool party!! They sang a couple cute songs and then went around to stations to play games.  I love getting the chance to be around Maddox with all his classmates to see how he interacts with them and also to put faces with names of the children he comes home talking about.



My little dog catcher!

To make the day a little more chaotic…I was dropping Ryder off at MMO and as I’m getting ready to pull him out of his car seat…he throws up chocolate milk all over his costume…fun times!!  So…he left with me and we went back to Joy’s to do damage control on his fur!!


This is his friend Carys…she told him to smile and he started blushing…too cute!!!


His buddy Jacob…they had fun wrestling each other!

Since we were at Joy’s, I went to pick up Caine from wrestling practice before going trick or treating!!  The boys were entertained by Tori while we waited in the car!!


First Stop….Nana’s!!!




The Dog did not want to slow down for a picture!!


My beautiful sister and Mommy!!


The cutest disco girl ever!! Love me some Tori!!


Love these two!!



Off to Great Mawmaws!!


Priceless!  We all think the world of her!!


Trick or Treating in our neighborhood!! No one at home…honor system!!


Local Fire Department!


This is all at my friend Misty’s house!! Misty and her husband do Halloween up like nobody's business..…it is so good!!  Here is some of the outside décor!! 


Ryder loved playing with all her fun décor inside!!  He went over to the snake and started putting his finger in its mouth and kissing it!!  It had a motion detector on it and would rattle it’s tail and then strike at you….I think we are going to have to keep a close eye on Ryder next summer.  He had no fear!!  Maddox on the other hand…wouldn’t get near it!!


Misty as Bat Woman!!  She is so pretty and has the best hair!!!


The Halloween Moon!!!

We got back to Joy’s house after 9 and had supper waiting on us!!  So thankful for her hospitality while we stayed with them!!!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….My family is amazing!!!

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Kimberley said...

what a fun halloween!! the boys are beyond adorable!!!