Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fun with Friends and First Parade!!

We don’t get to entertain as often as we use to but I love having friends over!! Saturday night the Travis’s, Ratliff’s and McCarn’s came over and we had a great time!!  I love getting to have girl chats around the dining table, hearing kids running around the house playing, and listening to the men in the living room getting into a good football game…and of course eating yummy food!!  Good times!!


Chris gets carried away when I ask him to take a picture and he will just start snapping away!! So after the serious pose…we like to get a little crazy!!!


Brody and Brayden..cutie pies!!


Sweet Elynd…look at that precious pose!!  Taylor loved taking care of the little ones…such a sweet 9 year old!!


Ryder enjoyed him some pizza!!


Maddox was loving him some Keenan!!

Sunday was the boys first parade!!!  I have to say..I got a little giddy myself when I heard all those sirens coming around the court square!!  It’s been years since I have been to a parade.  We always get together the Sunday after Thanksgiving with Chris’s family and that’s always when the parade is…so we never get to go.  But unfortunately, Chris’s grandmother is in a nursing home this year so we didn’t have the get together.





Ryder took his hat off and he had some CRAZY hair going on!!


The boys LOVED the parade…Maddox said his favorite was..Fire trucks, Tractors, Santa Claus and Mickey and Minnie!!  He sat on my lap on the edge of the curb the whole time and just took it all in!!  I finally got him to start waving at all the people toward the end…too cute!!

After the parade my Mom suggested Cracker Barrel for Supper (my fave) so we headed to Gastonia!  We may just have started a new tradition!!

Love all these special times with my family!!

Christmas Season is in full swing!!!  Love!!

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