Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ryder’s turns Two and Father’s Day!!

Sunday was such a BIG day for us!!  We celebrated Ryder turning 2 and Father’s Day.  We met up with some special friends at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC and had such a fun time!

I can’t believe Ryder is TWO!!!  Holy Time…slow down!!  I truly feel like he should still be a little bitty baby!  He is such a JOY to our family….he is a handful but he is constantly making us laugh!  I am going to do a separate post soon on just him and who he is as a 2 year old!

When we were buying our tickets to get in…we had a nice surprise.  Father’s got in FREE that day!!! Yay!


Ryder LOVES to “ride” things!! I’m pretty sure he got on every animal statue at the Zoo!


Kendall and Ryder were so cute walking in. Sweet friends!


Kendall is just the cutest!!  She and Ryder are 3 days apart and we were leaving the hospital the day we came in! 


Maddox likes to “ride” the animals too!


My Boys on Father’s Day!!!


I got a little worried when we first got there….the kids were more interested in playing in the bubbles than seeing the animals!


Notice the toy in Ryder’s hand….he carried it with him the whole time!  It was the toy of the day!


Maddox loving on the iguana!


I’m pretty sure the gorilla’s are my favorite!!


Giving Daddy loving!


Riding the elephant!


Giraffes are such an interesting animal.  I enjoyed standing and just marveling over their creation….thinking how detailed our God is!!


The Garden!


Ooops….Maddox…you aren’t supposed to pick the tomatoes!


We took the stroller for Ryder and he refused to ride in it.  Kendall loved pushing it around and Maddox enjoyed pushing Kendall in it!  So cute!


My boys are beyond blessed to have Chris as their Daddy.  He is an AMAZING father!!  He always puts family first!  I m so thankful that he is a praying Father and leads are family guided by Christ!  He has had a tremendously hard year but his faith is so strong he leans on it to get thru everyday….and you know it is only by God’s strength.  Thank You Chris for all you do!  You amaze me!!  We love you!!!


My family!!  (I had no idea until I saw this pic…that my shirt is a little sheer!)

We of course made a visit to the Gamecocks bookstore and Chris was in heaven for about 30 minutes!

When we got home I set up a little birthday table for Ryder.  We sang to him, he blew out his candle and we all enjoyed birthday cake!


Opening his present!


Such a fun day!!!  My heart was overflowing all day celebrating Chris and Ryder!!!  I am so blessed to have them in my life!!

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Kimberley said...

what a fun post! looks like a great time at the zoo! you have a beautiful family!! can't believe ryder is now 2!! happy birthday sweet boy!!