Saturday, June 22, 2013

Monster Truck Splash Party–Details

Maddox and Ryder are really into Monster Trucks right now so I knew I wanted to give them a monster truck party this year.  I also knew I wanted to have the party at the YMCA splash pad.  What I didn’t know was how to combine the two.  So I did something that I don’t do very often….and that was to think really hard!!  After all the thinking….I came up with a “Monster Splash” theme. 

And I had a ball putting this party together!!


I found a lady on Etsy who designed my invite.  I told her what I wanted and she nailed it!!  She did an amazing job.  After she designed the invitation I had her design some printables also!



The cake was my favorite!  A lady in town makes cakes on the side….I sent her a few pictures of what I was wanting along with my invitaion and she captured exactly what I was going for!  I made the bunting and thought that I had letter stickers…but I didn’t….and I don’t have the best hand writing…but it was still cute!


I got this idea from a party blog!


I said the cake was my favorite…but actually these cookies were tied with the cake!  My blog friend Summer made these adorable cookies!!! All I did was send her my invite and she did her thing!!! She is so talented!  I’ve been eyeing all her amazing cookies for years so I was so excited that she was able to make some for me!  Thank you so much Summer!! 

I used the cookies as part of the party favors.


Laura’s baby shower was the first time I had ever wrapped the forks and I just love how it looks.  It is time consuming but worth it.


The Birthday Boys!!!  I



We had water, crush sodas, and capri suns to keep us hydrated!


This picture didn’t turn out well….but the boxes in the middle are the favors.  I took close up pictures of the left overs once I got home.  They are posted at the end.  My Mom made the apple cars and the fruit kabobs.



Our friend Brandon designed and made the banner.  He also did an amazing job!!  He hand drew the monster truck to try and match the monster truck on the invitation.


Ryder going in for the veggie chips!!


Table Decorations….plain and simple…old four wheeler tires!!


These are the cutest water labels ever. 



Close ups of the cookies!!


Closer pics of the favors.


Next Up…Party People!!!

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