Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Party and Play Date

Saturday, Maddox was excited to go to Chuck E Cheese’s for his preschool/church friend Isaac’s Birthday Party.  This was only Maddox’s second time at CEC.  He loves it!  I didn’t love it the first time I took him but this time around was so much better.  Ryder was so much younger last time and I felt like I couldn’t keep up with both boys.  My Mom was also with us this time so an extra pair of eyes is super helpful!!


Shooting some hoops!!



Noah’s Ark


Tea Cup


Ryder gave skee ball his all but bless his little heart…he’s just not quite old enough to be playing.


Football Game


Beautiful Mommy!


Time for pizza!!


The adorable birthday boy!!

Today we had a fun play date at the splash pad with Kali and Liam.


I’m pretty sure she is one of the prettiest little girls ever!!


Liam and Ryder taking a break for a cheese and cracker snack!


Maddox didn’t want to stop long enough to eat his snack so he took it with him in the water!


I think we will get our moneys worth from our summer Y membership…just from the splash pad!  So easy for this Mommy…I don’t have to get wet and the boys have a blast playing in the water!!

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