Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Well, I’m pretty sure I was just as excited on Christmas Eve as the boys…I had to make myself go to sleep!  It was like 2:30 before I finally was able to.  I  was loving just sitting on the couch looking at all the lights and the display of new toys that Santa had left for the boys.  Magical!


Ryder’s goodies


Maddox’s Goodies


Milk and Cookies for Santa


The boys were up about 8:30…we had to wake Ryder up.  They slept together in Maddox’s bed.

I videoed the first few minutes so I didn’t capture any first reactions with my camera.  But Maddox’s face was priceless….he was so excited!


Santa hit the jackpot at TJ Maxx and found a lot of great SC Gamecock canvases for Maddox’s room!


Ryder’s Panthers Helmet seems to be his favorite Christmas gift so far!!


Digging into his stocking!


Maddox’s favorite gift!


Trying out the trick Mawmaw told them about the night before.  Sucking the juice thru the peppermint stick.


Favorite stocking stuffer gift!! lol!


Daddy opening his gift from the boys….he got a fit bit, shirts, SC hat and some socks.


Do my boys have GREAT TASTE or what!!!  I was so excited over my new Hunter boots!! They also got me an under armour shirt and some socks!


Wearing and holding their presents!


Aunt Jean came over to see the boys and brought them some gifts.


We are so thankful for her and what she means to our family.  I fixed a breakfast casserole, french toast casserole, liver mush and grits and we were so happy she and my parents were with us for Christmas brunch!


Just for future reference…I snapped a shot of the stocking stuffers.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and then went to the Caldwell family get together that evening.

Such a special day and I LOVE teaching the boys the true meaning of Christmas!  They ask everyday when Christmas will be back….my answer to them is we can celebrate the meaning of Christmas everyday!!

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