Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Monster Jam and Panthers Weekend

But before I get started here are a few pics of Maddox and Stella from last Wednesday.  She is seriously the cutest and sweetest four month old baby girl!!  Maddox loves holding her and is so sweet to her!


She is starting to sit up by herself!!



Maddox feeds her and is even trying to teach her about super heros!!

Saturday we took the boys to the Monster Jam!! We went to the 2:00 show which worked out perfectly since it was super rainy Saturday.


Poor Ryder didn’t feel so great. 

We met up with the Ratliff’s at Sammy’s in Belmont to eat lunch and then on to the Monster Jam.


This was Ryder’s first Monster Jam and I think he enjoyed it but with him not feeling so well….he made no facial expressions the whole time we were there.  Bless.


Maddox had a blast as usual.


Elynd thought it was a little loud at first but quickly warmed up to it!!


I’m sure Chase and Keleigh had the time of their life!! lol!


Keleigh enjoyed holding Ryder in his “not feeling so well” state.  He usually wont sit on a lap that long.


Custest kiddos!

Sunday I scored  a ticket to the Panther Playoff game thru Laura.


I was so excited about going to such a big game but I was also really excited about tailgating for the first time ever.  Yes, you heard me right…I had never tailgated.


Our freshly cut ribeyes from Harris Teeter marinating…..


After having Nathan and his Dad grill me this ribeye….I am a HUGE fan of tailgating! lol!


Lots of fun photo ops walking to the stadium…


Heading into the stadium


Waiting for the game to start.



And that’s all….my battery got drained in 15 min and we LOST……so sad!  But it was a blast!

Best of all was spending time with my Sissy……nothing like a good sister date!!!


All of my boys stayed home and cheered them on!!

Poor Maddox woke up throwing up Sunday morning so Chris had his work cut out for him at home…..and because we like to do things as a family….I got sick on Sunday night during the night…..yuck.  So I said that to say…I’ve always wondered how in the world I could take care of two little ones while being sick myself.  Well… here’s my story of how I did it.  God intervened and my boys turned into ANGELS for the day.  I layed on the couch all day and they played perfectly together in the living room all day!  It was a miracle from God!!  They were so good and I was so thankful!!

Such a fun weekend in this somewhat not so fun month of January!!

God is Good!!

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Laura Taylor said...

Loved my sissy date!! Cant wait to do it again!