Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year!  I love that my family comes to our house, I love eating steak and yummy food, going to my Mawmaw’s church for communion, playing dirty Santa and watching the kids open gifts!  I LOVE it all!!  The kids anticipation of Santa coming and waking up the next morning to new Christmas goodies is just too much fun!!

We start our evening around 5


We always take pics at the end of the night so this year we decided the smart thing to do was to take them first thing…so we looked more fresh and not like we were ready for bed.


Ryder and Maddox love their Unc Kev!!!  The boys were so excited all day about the arrival of our family!  They couldn’t wait for them to get there!


Jay Jay reading to the boys…I love that Mawmaw is looking on in the background.


Wolfie’s goodbye message!


Love this pic of these three!!


Let’s eat!!


Baby Bottom!!!  Too cute!




The Hallman’s


The Taylors




No caption necessary


The ladies!



It wouldn’t be Christmas without a goofy pic!


This was such a precious moment.  Mawmaw gave the grandkids a little story about what Christmas was like when she was a child.  She told them they would have a shoe box under the tree and they would have some oranges and candy sticks in it and usually a small toy like a baby doll.  She gave the baby doll to Stella.  I love her stories and hearing what life was like when she was growing up!  Precious and priceless!


Ryder got the costume and Maddox took it over!


Flying from the chair!


Mawmaw was so excited to get a new tv and tv stand!!


I took LOTS of pics of Stella!!  She is just too sweet!!


Playing dirty Santa!


We were so excited last year to find out that Lauran and Nathan were expecting!!  This year we were so excited to have sweet Stella here with us!!



Ryder had asked Santa for two things….Superman and a Big John Deere….I think they were fulfilled before Santa even came!!


So Proud of his new bike!!

We are blessed!

Next up…Christmas morning!

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