Monday, January 20, 2014

Potty Training Weekend!

We had absolutely no committed plans this weekend!  Those are hard to come by!  So I thought no better time than to get serious with potty training Ryder!


After a full day at home Saturday….not leaving the house.  Ryder had his first day of no accidents!!!


So on Sunday after church, we made a little trip to walmart to claim his prize.  We told him on Saturday if his underwear stayed dry all day he could pick out a toy at Walmart.  Bribery at its finest!


So on Saturday…our day looked like this!  Lots of playing in our pajamas!  I’m pretty sure I did about 10 loads of laundry. 


Sunday was church!  The boys wore their “Carolina Panthers” outfits this Sunday.  I had them laid out for Chris to put them on them last Sunday for the big game but Maddox started throwing up that morning and they weren’t able to go to church.


I didn’t take any pics of Ryder pottying on Saturday so I snapped a few in his Sunday best!! lol!


It was such a nice day out we decided to take the boys to a nearby ball field to let them practice ball.  There was also a playground and they had a blast playing!


We are going to race!!!


The rest of our evening was spent watching Football!!!  I think I will be pulling for the Broncos!

Today was Project Get Chris’s Mom and Dad’s house ready to sell.  Chris worked over there all day Saturday and a few hours Sunday.  So me and the boys went today so that I could start cleaning it and staging it to get ready to go on the market. 


We got out for some fresh air at lunch time! It was gorgeous today!!  There was a super nice playground nearby so we took our Bojangles and ate outside and then the boys played.


Then we came back to the house so I could finish up cleaning….I also did some rearranging. 


I wish I would have done before pics.  Brenda would have loved how I rearranged and placed things.  We miss them so much!



After we left, I had promised the boys a treat for being so good over there.  They had no tv, and only a handful of toys….they have been playing so well together and I am so thankful!!

This is Ryder on the way home….bless.  It took a lot to wake him up once we were home!

I feel like this was a productive weekend!  My laundry is caught up, Ryder is Potty Trained and We have made a dent in getting Chris’s parents house ready to sell.

But BEST of all, I had lots of quality time with my family!!!! God is Good!!


Kimberley said...

1). Yea Ryder! You go Mr. Big Boy!

2). I miss Bojangles!

3). You got some great potty shots he'll love someday! HA!

4). Chris' parents house looks homey, best of luck selling it!

5). The boys are getting too big! They need to just stop! :)

Cindi said...

Potty training success! That's what I'm talking about. :)