Monday, September 20, 2010

Show us your life link up!!

On Fridays Kelly at Kelly’s Korner does a “Show Us Your Life”.  This past Friday was Living Rooms…I have enjoyed looking at everyone else’s post that I decided to do my own.



This is the view coming in from the foyer


This is the view coming in from the kitchen…you can see our new addition under the picture…Target had that awesome trunk on sale last week and it is super great for storing toys!!!


This is standing at the patio doors




I don’t have all my fall decor out yet but I do have a few things on my mantle


This is my most favorite Pumpkin ever….I saw it and it was the only one…I knew it was meant to be mine!!!

IMG_5318 IMG_5319 IMG_5320

This is my collage wall and I am wanting to do another one on the wall adjacent to it.


One of my sweet clients made this throw for me and had our name put on it…I love it….It is so warm and cozy and Chris and I fight over who gets it.  ha!

IMG_5322 IMG_5323  IMG_5325 

So there you have it….The Carrigan’s living room…it may look completely different next year this time b/c I am forever changing things around.


Adge said...

i love your bright red accents. all the colors are so bright and welcoming

Christa said...

I love the way your blue walls pop with the fall accent colors! Very pretty!

Rona's Home Page said...

I'm a fan of the red accents as well. And of Target!
I also love the lamp shade.

Summer and Matt said...

I love your living room. So clean and cute decorations! Thanks for the comment on my blog. My due date with Ryan was June 18th. So fun they are the same age! Your little boy is so cute!

Kimberley said...

love love love! blue walls, couch, pillows, sweet family photos, lamps! it looks great!

Kristi said...

We just moved into our new house. I painted our walls the same shade of blue. My plans are to accent with red and green. Our floor plan is open to our Dining room and Kitchen. I am going to use these accent colors in these 3 rooms. The kitchen is painted a light green color. I love your living room, you gave me some great ideas. Where did you get your red curtains, I have looked everywhere for RED curtains, not burgundy.

Lindsi said...

Beautiful room! I recognize many Southern Living at Home things?! :) Do you sell it? I sold it for a brief period of time before I got married.

Lindsey said...

your room is so inviting! and i'm totally with you about the pumpkin - that is definitely a must have!

Renae said...

Very nice living room, love your color scheme.